Director Message

Director Speak – Dr. Ashutosh Sharma

ATTITUDE determines ALTITUDE life actually means ‘to live for others’ and enriching life is to add value to others. Life is not so tough or complicated. Our attitude in fact is what that makes it so. It is said ‘Attitude determines Altitude’; if a person is regulated pr governed by his desire he/she may commit wrong or may have unrighteous ways to get it fulfilled; but if he is dedicated by the need he will rarely commit wronmg even the nature and the cosmic will be there to help and support. My vision to launch ‘Aviation Academy’ is quiet clear when I think to give new venues and vistas to our young army of talents who have bigger and broader wings to roar higher; imagination to explore farther; sharpness to dig deeper; resolution to act smarter and ideas to play bigger

Bliss is it to be in Bhopal, but to work in D.B. Mall is more heaven

This venture aviation and hospitality management can well define me as an admirer of civilization of lover of culture. The culture is our ground and civilization is our height

Indian Institue on Aviation and hospitality management The IIAHM Bhopal has Commenced its journey simultaneously at Bhopal and Hoshangabad. The academy is not my sudden landing or a para drop from an engineer to an academician but a gradual, systemic, sincere, solemn and meaningful evolution.n